Diamond Corey Maggette Takeover Reward

Looks like a nice card, but i was kinda excpeting PDs by now…
Interesting that he has HoF Brick Wall, could be cool to run guard/guard p&r with him.

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Just won him on the wheel on my 100th Clutch win


PD Season 3 is my prediction

Woke up at 6.30am here in Australia, coffee and getting kids ready for school and had hom by 7.40am. Very easy requirements as they should be.

It is really easy if you have not done the Paul George agenda yet. Did not realize that the Paul George agenda could be done with any Paul George. Used his token card and completed both agendas really quickly.

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Can also do the Zubac Moments along the way as well

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I already had subscribed done but felt good getting a use out off (the pest say underwhelming) PD with the rebounds.
And holy heck the man snags boards.

Had Zubac at C for the rebounds, Danny Manning at SF for the points and 50 PIP, Magic and Clyde at the guards for the steals. 22 mins of inside challenge.

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Yeah, used Zubac to get the boards, Eddie Jones for easy 6 steals and Series 1 Kawhi for the 39 points and 50 PIP, then just hit 5 threes with Eddie to finish the 5 threes challenge.