Diamond contracts?

So do you guys generally put them on rewards cards or beast cards you buy and know you will use for awhile and try to sell back for profit. These cards only seem to sell maybe 10k more with a contract and contracts themselves are like 25-30k. I figured rewards cards because you will most likely use it more since you can’t ever sell. Or should I just sell it and take the MT. Thanks peeps

just sell.

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Depends on what card and if they’re long term

If you play TTO you’ll get so many contract packs. I’d just sell for 30K, there’s always a chance a locker code could drop their value.

On average being able to get 1 contract for 100 MT and diamond contract being at about 25k you need to play 250 games to break even which is a lot of games to be played with 1 specific card.

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I put diamond contracts on players that I know I will use a lot in TTO & be part of my lineup for a long time.

I.e. Opal Doncic & KD


I never apply them to players, you’ll never see a return. I just find the player for sale that has a Diamond contract listed at 5-10k more than market value. I got PD Jrich with Diamond contract last week for 20k, I think they regret applying the contract.

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