Diamond Contracts, where are they?

whats the best way to get them without paying 20k+ in the ah?
my TTO boards are garbish and those packs never show

Live in TTO and hope to get one in a pack

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Nah they barely exist in TTO… i’ve played easily 200 games and only have got 2 diamond contracts and about 30 diamond shoes

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Agreed don’t get many contracts but get shoes it should be 50 50

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I remember early on in TTO they were everywhere. That’s the reason why most of my players have diamond contracts. I think they realized they were too prevalent and took them out so we’d have to spend VC to buy contracts

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In 2k20 there wont be any gameplay, rewards anything, only option to buy VC.



Yeah true that i was gettin mad shoes back then they just didnt wanna give me contracts lol soo i bought alot for my team at that time for like 10k a piece :joy:

Good looks

2k pleeeease

I got 6 diamond packs yesterday in 2 rounds of TTO

4 diamond shoes & 2 contracts

Idk man I’ve been grinding tto and only getting diamond shoes I’m not complaining since I can just sell and buy a contract


Played around 20 Games, best i get is gold

i get em TTO all the time. I had like 5 diamond contract boards in a row last night and two this morning. just grind TTO youll get one or youll get some shoes to sell for diamond contacts.

Just buy them from AH… At least this year we got this option.

wait for crash then snipe auction

In before ban

another 30 or so later, there is light! i got a basic league pack in my board!!!

yay! 5 days later, i saw my first diamond pack… fml