Diamond Contract

Pulled a diamond contract from TTO.

What’s the usual price on AH?

I am going budget so don’t want to put on a player yet. Have only 1 diamond player (Mikan) who I snagged for 85k.
Had Luke and Dikembe (sniped both for 60k each) but sold them for profit.

Should I sell early or will the price usually rise?

My first year doing myteam.

They usually sell for a bit over 20k. Prices are likely to be higher right after a big release. If you are looking to maximize MT on that, wait until a promo release.


Sell now. Just sold one on Xbox for 28500.

If u can just put in the collection n forget abt it till after all star break do that. U cant have enough diamond contracts later in the year. The more u have the better. But if not bop that thing off lil 20k come up. But yea def dont put it on any guys out right now. Hold it or sell it.

I was quickselling shoes and accidentally quicksold a diamond contract :disappointed:

You landed in one of the contract slots and actually got a diamond contract? Glad to hear they can still be attained that way I haven’t gotten any since the first few days

I play a lot of TT online and have never gotten a diamond contract

Must be from TT offline and the diamond consumables pack. At least that’s my guess