Diamond Contract Question

I primarily play offline. Best player is probably amy Kobe, but I was thinking about tossing a diamond contract on Jerome Kersey (almost have him to amy) and committing to grinding him all the way.

I got the diamond contract from TTOffline; should I use it on him or wait until I get some better cards (like PD or above)?

I’d wait and sell now

I think you should probably wait for something else.

I think, most likely, the Kersey card may not seem worth the grind by the time you’re done. And def not the Contract.

I think it’s questionable if any of these will really be worth the Contract and grind, but if they are, then it should be done from the start.

Get Contract benefits as early as possible, at the least.

I don’t mind the grind though. I’m a pretty casual player, don’t spend money and don’t really snipe.

He’s a fun card to play with, although I could probably use the MT I’d get from selling the contract. What are diamond contracts worth these days?

I dunno. But even if you don’t mind the grind I think there has got to be a better card for your Contract, soon. I would wait until some new EVO seems like a great grind to you, and drop the Contract on it quickly…after maybe just playing a few initial games to make sure you like animations.

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fair enough. There’s usually decent evo cards in the spotlight series. Will wait and see

Depende man… I put a few Diamonds on some guys and have over 400 games with them but yeah i do regret…I would use on GO players only or a card that goes to GO

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Yeah. To me it’s just drawing a hard line to disqualify Kersey because the card has already been out for a month now. You don’t have him up to AM yet, and while that’s good in terms of the benefit of the DI Contract in terms of games played to full evolve…it’s bad in the sense of the point in cycle when you’ll actually have him evolved…and what that likely means about the desirability of using the card further. (And the resale value of it.)

If you’re going to play for the cycle, something else will come along. Don’t feel like the Contract needs to be used any time remotely soon.

I have three diamond contracts and am still having a hard time putting them on my best and I have ibaka , Dominique, and jrich. In past years I have used on the wrong players. I evoed a Kersey all the way to Max and then sold him, I don’t think u should use it on him.

I only have the one Diamond Contract I got from one of the rewards I forgot which one, should i wait until my first GO to use it?

Try to snipe good diamond or amethyst players with diamond contracts, recently I got Giannis for 55k and Diamond Griffith for 35k.

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You can buy stacks of contracts - silver or gold - for 50% of their hard value, and never have to use a diamond contract. So no matter what color/tier your card is (amethyst and above) games will always cost you the equivalent of 250 MT every 5 games.


How do you know what’s a stack?

The image shows multiple cards. And when you have that auction selected there is indication of Qty being 1 or 20.

It’s true that Contracts are easy to buy for cheap so if you calculate contract costs, you should calculate them as costing somewhere from 50-70 MT.


Yes, be sure to check that you’re getting a full stack of 20. There are a lot of turds out there who will list a single contract for like 5K hoping someone doesn’t notice until it’s too late.

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also while the odds to get a diamond contract are probably crxp. u should sell now that we can get it from the vault

I got mine when they were cheap earlier in the year. They will go down with the vault dropping.i played 20 games opened the vault 6 times and got 1 token per opening. It sure beats the consumable packs. Little by little ill get to my next GO

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