Diamond Clyde or Diamond Iggy

Both are around the same price so who do you guys think is a better pick up?


Iggy better 3 and has clamps

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Clyde had the weirdest release last year. And he looks worse almost in every category:

He can’t shoot, he can’t steal. The only thing he’s better than Iggy is rebounding.

He feels nice tho, slightly quicker release


Iggy and its not close

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Iggy is probably better all around, but I’ve played a couple games with Clyde and he’s damn good, better than the attributes say. He finishes everything strong near the rim and has a quick release. He can definitely hit an open 3 if ya need him to

His release is always weird looking but I’ve never had much trouble with it. Isn’t much worse of a shooter on paper. He usually has way better dunk animations too, but I haven’t tried this one yet besides a few mins in freestyle before flipping him (going off of Beasts Clyde from 2k17 who was obviously better).

But yeah, tons of holes for a Diamond. I think he’ll be a better slasher in terms of getting more dunks despite being slower, but that’s about it besides also having a fade which makes him more versatile offensively. Won’t be terrible on defense but far from Iggy.

Edit: Clyde will be a way more fun card to use but I think I’d go with Iggy as well, despite his slow jumper. Use the CP3s or white Kobes and they’re more similar. Not the biggest fan of Iggy’s dribble animations either