Diamond Chris Paul

LeBron, Pippen, Tmac, Giannis… We’ve all seen these beasts run proudly at the 1. That split second before the loading screen shows your opponents team on SuperSweat, I pray not to see these guys. BUT. It’s 2k18… and it’s bound to happen.

I finally locked in CP3 because I really enjoyed the set, especially Kareem. That duo is just ridiculous. Combined they have over 30 HOF badges…

If you’re not afraid of a shorter PG, then CP3 is a lock. He has every desired shooting badge, and it shows on the court. His playmaking is supreme and if you’re decent at the sticks, then you can make space every time. Even with 97 lebon guarding me, I just run circles around him and if he slacks off on D then I just pull the trigger.

If anyone has any questions about locking in CP3, just lmk and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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Playing against cp3 has given me trouble lol

He seems to be able to create space at will, and if I load up on him it’s dimes all day

I reaaally like CP3, but the PG spot is just too stacked for my personal favorites on my team. Only reason I didn’t lock him in is because he’s a PG…

I seriously considered CP3 (thanks for the review, OP), but I went with Magic in the end. I may lock him later though…

my jerry west outplayed him the time I played him so I wouldn’t, he does look nice. but not with these guys running wings at the 1

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CP3 not worth locking in. He is a great card but there will be and there already is better cards.

Magic is definitely a great card. I used his Amy earlier this year and he did everything I wanted from him. But for some reason, his diamond just wasn’t worth it for me. He just didn’t feel smooth on the sticks and kept getting turnovers…

I found CP3 to compliment the way I play. I used to be a big mypark player so I’m used to experimenting new dribble combos and step backs and passing. He also daggers deep/contested 3s.

There will definitely be better cards. But 17 HOF is pretty good regardless of cards to come. If you surround him with a good cast, he can really do damage. At the start of the year I’m never into locking sets, but this year any time I found a card I liked, and if I had the MT, I’ll lock it in. definitely not “worth” it in terms of pure MT. But if you like a player and he wins you games, then to me it’s worth it :slight_smile:

He’s great playmaker and also a sniper.easy greens all day.he makes your team better.a fav this year.

yes! I like to play CP3 and PD Harden as my guards. Such a fun backcourt!

i use chris paul and t-mac as my starters.onw pd Harden is coming from the bench

I shifted tmac back to my starting SG with Chris at PG. Great combo. The amount of firepower is ridiculous. Also having PD harden and elgin as my backup backcourt just takes over.

I like starting West but will start diamond Harden if they use a slashing SF at PG. I’ll hide Harden on D on the worst 1-3.

Feel the same way about him a friend of mine let me use his account and he had him. I could’ve had him, but I play way too many people who their shortest player is Pd harden or diamond Vince.

FWIW, another note on CP3. He is the best at stripping the ball in the game. IMO shorter players can trigger the steal with a bit more success. CP3 is a turnover creating machine on defense for me.

Sometimes “search” function does wonders u know :slight_smile: These topics should be merged.

This game is trash whoever you use. I just lose all interest in the game once I see a 2 or more PD lineup. And right from the get go, the opponent starts his usual 5 out p&r spamming drive-kick out or pass to center. Man I just can’t take those games anymore. Totally braindead. So the point is, you can have whatever the players you have. You can’t play a decent game anyways.