Diamond Charles Oakley

What do you think about him? And, how would you use him, in which kind of line up?

My opinion is that he looks like an awesome roller and a driving big man who can take slower ones off the dribble. Also, he must be playing stifling defense (for the MyTeam standards, obviously hahah!) and will allow to switch on picks, since he can switch on guards.
He lacks a 3pt shot, so he isn’t useful for 5 out, but, as I said, can still be an awesome roller in a spread offense.

Also, he would be awesome at the 5, but he is definitely a bit undersized for that position. I think at the 4 his value decreases a lot.

Can you figure out how good this card can be and any possible use for him?

Boring card in my opinion… He’s basically a Karl Malone that isn’t as fast and isn’t nearly as good offensively.


Why boring? He looks very fun to me, you don’t find a combination of HOF rim protector + HOF def stopper + HOF hustle rebounder + 85 speed + 92 driving layup and 96 draw foul.

Of course Malone is better, but not everyone has 100K available for only one card :slight_smile:

It’s a great card around 40-45k just like Gasol.

On paper for sure, but how do you use him? You have to engineer an offense that doesn’t make him an offensive liability.

To me, he’s sort of a variation of a Draymond who is bigger and stronger, but who is also slower, can’t handle the ball, and lacks playmaking.

Very mediocre at this point in the game

Flow offence and crash boards :smiley:

Just my opinion man lol. I’m sure he could be a pretty fun card for someone else.

since 2k took sapphire isaiah thomas out of the packs and I can’t finish historic collections for diamond dirk, I’m looking for another PF. I don’t want shooting bigs (dirk only because I like him), I rather run the post instead. and I never used any Oakley card so far, but I like to have some variety every year. if he gets very cheap, I might grab him.

That’s what I’ll doo too!

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He is more similar to a Rodman card than a Draymond. The only similarity is they are undersized big man who can switch on guards and play great defense.
Oakley looks like an awesome roller and driver, which Draymond can’t do. Also, looks very similar to amy Larry Nance, which is a card I’m quite liking :slight_smile:

Ah, I see the Rodman comparison. Better shooting than Rodman, and also much more viable in the post. Not nearly as fast, either. But I get it.

They really took out that Isaiah out? Wanted to get Bibby for my SAC ‘01 lineup :frowning:

I agree that he’s more like a Rodman w/ a jumpshot, and he’s taller too!

I think this card will be BIN pretty soon, but the badges are a great thing to have, along with the defensive stats, this card will be great at guarding the 3-5.

Yeah, looks totally tremendous as a defender. It’s a shame we don’t have a bunch of cheap Speed/Accel shoes like we had last year.

I’m sure he’ll drop well down into BIN very soon. Without it being a relative (and dramatic) bargain, would much rather have what I assume is an inevitable Diamond Draymond.

He’ll get one for sure. Even the ruby is a great 11th-13th man off the bench when it comes to guarding smaller/ faster 4s.

He also looks like an undersized diamond Dwight. Would run him at the C if it wasn’t that 6’9 is a bit too short to stop the Hakeems, Kareems and Shaqs

And if we ever get duos, and also a Diamond Ewing, look out for a duo between Patrick and Oak Tree.

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Stay tuned