Diamond Celtic Players Price

Why are they going for so low already? I see ones for 50k, and others right around there or low 60’s. Are packs that hot, or is it just not much of an upgrade?

Im surprised by this too.

They are just Okay Diamond Cards, tons of better alternatives available. But I think they’ll get duos very soon, and that might increase price little bit.

They are really hot too, look at the other thread people are pulling so many.

I got two Tatums to sell, should I hold? Or sell ASAP?

Sell @element just saw 2 at 50k

I wanna buy MT for Xbox to get them since they’re cheap. anyone selling 100k?

Anybody got PS4 MT? I’m about to pick these dudes up and slap some shoes and contracts and flip

Got Horford for 19k, Ps4.

I paid 35k for Brown was that too much? Lol