Diamond Carmelo Anthony - Official Review

So i’ve been able to log a good amount of games with Melo and here’s what I think about him.


  1. Pure Scorer - The guy can score from literally anywhere on the court. Low post, high post, mid range, 3pt.

  2. Quick Release - I put this as a strength because once you get it down, you can hit contested shots with him fairly easily. You can run him off of screens and his release is so fast that the defense hardly ever closes out in time.

  3. Animations - This kind of ties into the second point but not just his jumpshot, but his post fade, sizeup and stepback animations are all really good. His post fade creates so much space that you have to jump to actually contest it.

  4. Strong - The dude is just a tank and can bully most SG/SFs down in the post. I finished all dominations by posting up with Melo and dropstepping for easy buckets.


  1. Bad Defender - I’ve seen him get caught up on screens way too easily, get blown by, get scored on close to the rim. He’s really not a good defender. Now he does have good strength(80+) so that helps him a bit when it comes to bumping. But off ball, he’s just bad.

  2. Low Driving Layup - Its not really a weakness but he can blow some layups around traffic if he’s driving. I’d just stick to using him the way he’s supposed to be used…which is scoring in mid range, 3pt and post up scenarios. This game is already tough on slashers so don’t try to turbo your way to the rim with Melo.

All in all, amazing card. Still the most fun card I have at the moment.(Just got PD Duncan so we’ll see). Melo is just PURE SCORER. Probably the toughest card to guard right now in the game. Even when other diamonds come out, im still gonna keep him on bench just for offense when i need it.

Pink Diamond Tim Duncan Review and highlights coming next.


I made my player like this card deff gonna steal some of your moves! Lol you were doing work!

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I fuck with @EarvGotti! I like this guy

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First time I’ve seen someone use the post escape hesi in a video. Well done as always


That post escape hesi is :fire:


Diamond CP3s is a must because of his surprisingly low driving layup

how do you do the hesi combo?

While posting up just hold turbo and pull down on the right joystick.

Happy spamming! :joy:


Yep. Flick the right stick in the direction you want to escape to while posting up

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Noob question, whats an excape dribble? Sometimes if I jab step, jab step and press turbo he does this crazy behind the back and gets a good amount of speed off of it. Is that it? Ive been wondering how to do it consistently

That’s the triple threat size up escape. It’s just to create space in close quarters with the defender

how do i do it? its always an accident but i like it lol

@Delano_23 is a dribble god so he’s got you.


You got 100 billion MT and don’t even read the controls guide lmao maaaaan there’s a whole video for it in the controls and tips section. It’s all based on flicking the right stick with turbo to escape and without to jab

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You’re far too kind my friend

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haha not all of us can be dribble gods haha but ill look into it

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Not all of us can be snipe gods :slightly_frowning_face: let’s trade lol

Lol u on xbox? cant have competition lol

PS4 smh too competitive over here I need a switch

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He looks so fun, I can even get used to the release, but it is Melo, big no no for me. :frowning: