Diamond Bojan Bogdanovic?

Anyone tried him, how is he? How’s his release? If his any good i might pick him up from token market, looks good on paper.

Release is kinda slow.

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He has such low BC that hell get stripped way too often

I would prolly use him as 3 and D guy only anyway.

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I personally think there are better options. I prefer Gerald Wallace, even without the beneficial badging.

Yah i’ve been using G-Force all along just looking for other options. Also want to claim new dia reward from market got Eddie Jones, Mo Pete and Chandler so far. Might actually go Walker and put him and 3 thought.

Antoine Walker will be a lot of fun. His jumpshot is so smooth.

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Myles Turner is the best available for you IMO

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I use Klove/Chandler and PD AD/Go-Bear as my big rotation i’m not sure where i’d place him ?

He’s better than Chandler IMO — not as tall, but can at least shoot

Honestly is probably better at the 4 than PD AD

Just different nation Ingles imo

Yah i might take him and try at 4. Him and AD look very comparable though, Turner’s speed is a bit lacking tho.

Im loving this KLove card. Hes a scoring machine. N holds up on defense.

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Myles is unbelievably good

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I read this and thought the thread meant Diamond Boban

The only card that would send GO Shaq straight to ththe bench


Im amazed how big Bogdanovic’s player model is every time I see him in offline games.

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They might as well. Where’s Sim Bhullar? :joy:

With faster release he can be useable but with this slow one he is :face_vomiting: