Diamond Boban Tmr?

Don’t mind if I dooooo


Definitely Deserves a card!

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That must be a career high

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Did he hit any threes?

I don’t think so but he’s shot pretty well this season so I’m sure to see like a 30

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The real Siberian King @YOSEMITE_HAM :joy:

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Very curious how 2K responds to the situation content wise

No one has brought up the possibility that their contract hinges on the NBA teams playing. I don’t think it is likely but it is one of those things where if they fuck up it could mean serious repercussions.

I’m thinking in terms of if the NBA season being suspended = lockout then that means players don’t get paid. I know 2K12 existed but things change

Again small chance, but not impossible

You mean serbian? :skull:


No, he means Siberian. Inside joke from a previous interaction between us


Nah seasons over :rofl::rofl::rofl: lol nah but foreal 2k are and only release moments on mondays

Give him a galaxy opal pg and shut down the game

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If they stick me w 2000+ tokens I swear on everything I’ve ever loved I’ll never buy 2k again. I’ll have a cool ass fireball though :confused:



it doesnt matter 2k will make give him 80 3pt

He shoots better than the 90% of players on his position.

Rudy Gobert deserves an opal for single handedly locking down the whole league


99 everything card