Diamond Big O - RIP small point guards

This card is a serious problem and here’s why:

  • The man does STANDING dunks from the post after a dropstep. Yes if a small pg is on him down low, its a gg

  • His post fade is high and unblockable. If the opponent just stands there with his hands up, Oscar’s fade is going to get Open all day.

  • He has 85 strength so he can bully any pg or sg in the post. Iggy has good post D but his strength is lower than Oscar’s so he may still be able to bully him.

  • 85 strength helps him to be a brick wall on defense. Weaker guys get pushed back when they try to get around him. Also add bruiser to him and watch him sap the opponent’s stamina within seconds lol

  • He can guard 1 - 4 honestly. He can guard small shooting pg’s like Curry, he can guard Iggy/Grant Hill, and he can hold his own against the stretch 4’s. 85 strength plus good low post D and a 70 block rating for a pg!

  • He’s a monster on the break. In the video i took the ball coast to coast and hit a contested euro layup

Probably my fav card since the game came out honestly. Your opponent with either have to:

  1. Double him in the post and leave someone open
  2. Play zone and leave shooters open
  3. Let their pg guard someone else who will still take advantage of the mismatch
  4. Take their small pg out of the game.

+30k thank you ! :grimacing:


awesome. I always love your videos. I see you went with the pink Adidas on him. I didn’t even think of that. I went with the all red nike’s because I was missing a bunch of layups.

What offense or freelance do you run to get him these open post ups?

Good shit…bought him about an hour ago for 88k & put the pink adidas on him also. His slashing ability is unreal & he stripped Lillard a few times in the one game i played. Best card under 100k for sure…J.R. a close 2nd.

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Just press LB/L1 > press whatever button Big O is at > Post up

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His behind the back dribble move makes me so happy.

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What’s he going for now? He locked up my Ginobili for like a full quarter before I figured out how to beat him.

Damn @EarvGotti don’t put everyone on. Let these ppl continue to think that Diamond Steph is the best PG :sleepy:


It dosent matter, casuals hate him, because of his slow release, all they want is to pull from half court.


Spot on. Curry amplifies the lack of Basketball iq of most of his owners…
They think he is easy to use, but that only leads to atrocious shot selection which is a recipe of Desaster if paired with someone who is an above average defender.


Nice video!

Curry is damn hard to use tbh

I didnt have problems defending him with Iggy in the post (slightly bigger + that 80 LP def is enough!, not even Stockton that much(but had to either steal fast or sometimes commit a foul if he was too deep).

Just really dont have a place for him rn, might stick him at SG and take out Jokic/Blake out of the team

Edit: Love the push and fade combination :smiley: this fade looks very solid though, second best separation after Googs imo.

Melo and Pierce have the best fade in the game, Big O is comparable to Dan Issel just better since his shot is slower

Pierce doing good for you huh ?

ion have him yet but he was godly on my bro account

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What a shame I dont like them :smiley:

Nice vid Earv. For me personally not as fire as your Melo vid from last year though…:grin:

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90% of the forum dont fuck with Pierce so its no surprised i am surprised about melo tho