Diamond Baylor with 3pt show price

Picked him up for 110 anyone know if this is an W

Nice shoe for him but his dribble animations are ass

He has a nice release imo and some great dunk animations, he has replaced diamond willing on the bench who also had that shoe. Starting with all star lebron but am tempted to get pippen

I think he’s amazing bro. I loved everything, drinking moves only thing holding him back

I hope we get a diamond kawhi he would be straight in

You just got the 4th best card in the whole game if you go by stats. I really like him even without the shoe.

A very well rounded card, I don’t know who to start him or all star bron?

Use him off ball. Can hit 3s and dunk on anyone and has great defense. Nice role player

He definitely has a stiff model, had his PD last year and he has no dribble basically. But he is great all around and can do a little bit of everything. A glue guy maybe?

Currently got diamond jordan with 3pt shoe at PG and diamond kobe with red kyries at sg should I swap these 2 around?

Thats a W he is a monster with those shoes.


As others have said he is a great do everything glue guy. I have him with the Curry Lows and I while I don’t really feel the 99 3pt ratings, he will hit open ones, grab boards over bigs inside (and finish too) is a monster on the fast break, and it’s basically guaranteed points if he has a head of steam towards the basket- either a viscious contact dunk, smooth made layup animation through contact, or a foul. I’m more confident with his finishing ability than probably any other player in MyTeam at this point except for maybe PD Harden.

Definitely a W. This guy is one of the best role player wings in the game to fit in next to your primary creators.

Also, if you’re ever near the end of the shot clock in a desperate situation, just get him the ball and turbo towards the rim for a foul or a poster.