Diamond Aldridge is a walking bucket

Badged him up, threw a pair of LeBron South Beach’s that I snagged for 5k on him, and threw him in there for Blake, who’s been pissing me off, anyway.

First game with him, I go up against a 62 overall super cheeser with Giannis at point, Hedo spammer.

Aldridge destroyed Porzingis. 6-7 from three with one of the wettest releases ever. Deadly post fade that creates tons of space. He even clamped up down low, and altered tons of shots.

I hope it’s not just the new card juice.

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Dang. Did you run him at the 4 or 5?

Ran him at the 4.

New card juice confirmed. :cup_with_straw:


thing that scares me is defense against a giannis, hedo, kd, or lebron at the 4

I definitely feel your concern. Porzingis didn’t have the speed to beat him. It could definitely be a problem against a small ball 4/Giannis type. But I don’t think they can guard him in the post, either.

The three ball is wet as fuck, man. Typical 2k giving his diamond an 89 three, while the PD has a 70. Smh…

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I’m sitting at 110 tokens and was planning on grabbing Timmy for 2nd reward but Aldridge looked nice and already have enough for him

That’s a tough one, dude. I want that Timmy bad, but will never get him because I don’t play TTO and never lock sets.

I haven’t played in about a week but this is my team now. I’m over the token grind so might just sit and wait for token locker codes

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I hope you’re not right, bro. Lol.

Who the hell are you running as your bench 4?

I haven’t really played MTU with this but Melo has been fine for the minimal offline stuff I’ve been doing. Plan was to grab Timmy to replace Peja but was looking at the Aldridge instead

It’s new card juice I am sorry , those ratings are not exceptional .

He does have one the best releases in the game

You might be right. But 6’11" with 96 post fade, 99 post control, 95 middy, and an 89 three ball with a money release? What’s not to like?

His rebounding stats are terrible, but believe me when I tell you… he was snaggin’.

Just don’t expect him to be a speedster.

Play another 5 games with him and post your review

I’m glad Aldridge is good.

For sure. Time will tell. I probably won’t like it if I come up against AD.

But quit being Johnny Raincloud to a Spurs fan’s new Aldridge card. Lol.

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If he can shoot lights out and has good post animations he will forever be a bucket in the right hands


I am a die-hard Spurs fan too but that card is a representation of his blazers days :slight_smile: