Diamon Joakim Noah is a BEAST!

Sorry guys! But does anyone want to buy my diamond Joakim Noah? LOL. I’ve been trying to sell this card for the past 3 weeks (no joke), but no buyers. I have no idea what his price is supposed to be anymore. I just really need the mt right now and selling all cards I don’t use.

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Just out it for bid and see where it goes lol. He dont space the floor jus like Wilt so maybe put him a lil under


You’re right I should have just done that. Just before you commented I put him up for 45k (diamond contract & shoe) for 4 hours. If he doens’t sell again, I’ll put him up for bid.

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Lost 2 in row bc of him

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Is he still available? Would pay 30.000 on ps4

that title is big :billed_cap: