Dia Mitch

Possible that Richmond hits a BIN before he is out of packs? After whatever promo we get for Thanksgiving? After next 20th Anny PD release?

Looks like a perfect backup 1 or 2 for me. I’d pay 120 if he will hold value but I’m unsure he will. His stats seem fantastic though and I love the release on his Ruby.

Here’s what I’m working with…

Possible but you might wanna get him before he gets the granger effect and sky rocket in price


Yea that worries me a bit. I loved the Amy last year and had my heart set on the Diamond this year but his price flew up quickly.

If you have the MT id go for it just incase the price increase goes insane

No diamond SGs are bin yet, SFs are in crashes.

Sitting on 355k in anticipation of the next PD Anny release being 1 of MJ, Magic, or Giannis as ppl have been predicting. An upgrade to the bench 2 spot will def help in a push for Manu when i finish AT Dom this week (4 divisions done) though. How much longer is he in packs?

1 more day i believe

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Mitch was going for 100k last night on bids on PS4, I passed though.

He’ll increase for at least a lil bit after he’s outta packs cause there’s no chance of a better Mitch and his release is one of the best in the game every year, but especially this year where you can hit every shot if you have the release down perfect

He’s not worth it. Put a shoe on Eddie Jones and badge him out. Save yourself 70k

I was in the same boat. I loved his amy, then I sold him and I wished he was back on my team all year. His diamond is better than his amy. I green more than I do with diamond klay. There’s something about the glitch.

Mitch came and went for me. He was absolute cash in unlimited, but he bricked so many open shots in TTO for me. If it wasn’t green, he missed most of the time. I sold mine with a shoe for 172k and I was pleasantly surprised he went for that much.

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He’s so good for me off the bench. Has been the highest scorer in almost every game he plays. That release is golden.

Granger - 6’9, with high dunking and high defense= moon price (when he was one of a kind)

Mitch- 6’5, with low dunking, mediocre defense= Amy JR Smith prices for next month (100K) .Really, is Dia Mitch better than Amy JR?

Run Granger at the 2 if you want a great sg and have the mt. Kiki aint bad either he has hotspots and fast af release

Eddie jones is free and great

I still kinda regret selling that Granger card.

diamond klay the best SG in 2k don’t @ me

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355K probably won’t be enough for any of them


Exactly, thats why im here for xbox guys, so they can DM me for MTzzz, gonna do some good discounts this week :sunglasses:

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Deals eh? :face_with_monocle: