DI Wilt with DI contract and DI open3 shoe (XB1)

Diamond Shoe boosts
Open 3: 65 to 74 (94 with duo)
Open Mid: 80 to 89 (99 with duo)
Pass Accuracy: 75 to 84
Acceleration: 95 to 99
Hands: 98 to 99

Perfect shoe for Wilt imo.

Has diamond contract.

Amazing player. Best rim runner in game. Blocks shots and catches lobs like crazy with his ridiculious wingspan, athleticism and tendencies. Starts dunks from way out. Rebounding monster. 94 Open 3 with the shoe and duo with a surprisingly easy release. Was shooting over 60% with his 74 Open 3 (without using the duo). Don’t discount the passing boost to 84 as it helps a lot with long outlet passes (which he has many opportunities for with his rim protection and rebounding). Makes fast breaks a piece of cake.

Reason for selling is because, despite how immense he is, he just doesn’t for my style of play any more. I want HOF passing badges at C (e.g. Sabonis/Walton/Jokic) and prefer running Embiid at PF due to real-life favouritism. As a budget baller I can’t afford the luxury of having Wilt on the bench (he was my biggest purchase this year at 380k).

Best of luck.

I know your trying to sell wilt. And its a great card. I have it too. But his release is ass lol. So weird. Def a release that isnt supposed to drain. I love it though. I know when i make shots people are like WTF!

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How come no duo ? Rick barry is very much worth it. I shoot 58% from 3 with him. And he can finish really with the duo rick dont mess around.
Wilts shot form is just ugly to watch lol. It starts from his hip lol

38 minutes to go! Currently at just 110k. I might be in line for a huge loss so here’s my final pitch:

  • The best rim protector bar none (incredible wingspan, 98 Block, 98 Shot Contest, 97 Low Post, 90 lateral, HOF Rim Protector, 92 Block/Contest tendencies with extremely low foul tendency). I can’t overemphasise how long his reach is. It might be 8 foot. When I compared it to Mutumbo, Wilt’s seems 3 inches longer on each arm and I’m assuming Mutumbo should have at least a 7’6" wingspan.
  • The best rebounder bar none (98 Vert, 99 Off/Def Rebound/Boxout, HOF Hustle Rebounder & Putback)
  • The best on fast break (95 Speed, 99 Accel, 98 Hustle)
  • The best dunker bar none (98 Driving Dunk, 98 Contact Dunk, 98 Standing Dunk, 100 Driving/Flashy tendencies, HOF Posterizer, Relentless, Acrobat, ridiculous animations from way out). He’s like Shaq but way more athletic.
  • 94 Open 3, 99 Open Mid with this shoe and duo. Easy release. The best rim runner ever becomes one of the best spot-up 3 snipers. What more could you ask for?
  • Dominating post moves (98 strength, 98 post attributes across the board with the HOF Drop Stepper & Posterizer combo)
  • Pick & Roll King (HOF Brick Wall, HOF Bruiser, HOF Pick & Roll, with his athleticism and size…)
  • One of the best passing bigs in game (84 passing accuracy). Gets a lot of rebounds and this opens up fast break outlet passes all game long. Racks up the assists. Also helps greatly on kick outs from offensive rebounds.
  • Rare combo of DI contract and the perfect DI shoe for him.