Di Mikan in TTO Vault

Mikan is in the vault if anyone’s interested

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He’s complete ass in MTU for me

One of the only 5 out Cs but ppl can still sell or lock for tokens

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Mikan was a dogg for me I ran him until I got DROB

You have 10 out of 90 % of a chance of getting him in the vault.

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What else is in the vault?

Those odds look too high…



Nah 11.111111111%

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My bad. Where have these odds come from.

It would be more like 0.011111%

I reckon I’ve got a 10% chance of the vault even opening!


Yea 10% is low but it might be -10 chance dealing with 2k😂


I just wait till some people pull him and drop his price down like that diamond player from the thanks giving locker code

98% 1k mt/ 1 token
2.9% spotlight Pack
0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 chance at anything else


What does 10 out 90% chance mean? The only time I’ve ever gotten anything decent out of the vault was my first ever open on game 6 I got the max tokens, which at the time was I believe 10 tokens, Haha!

I’ve got a couple packs but never a vault player. Did get a Gilbert arenas out of the lights out packs that sold for 50kmt, also got a amethyst harden out of league pack sold for 44kmt at the time, and about 8 Ben Wallace cards out of the multidimensional, seriously my game is glitched, every time I open multidimensional it’s Ben Wallace.

You have 10 % of pulling him . Which is no chance at all

I would be happy with a 10% chance, you are way off bro

Ok -10 % chance :joy: . I was just saying you barely have a chance to get him. You have a better chance winning the lottery then this and that’s tuff!!!

-10% isn’t a thing. But I get what you are saying

Yea I made it up to show how bad the odds will be. If pull him I take it back

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