DI Frobe vs Hondo

I’ve been using hondo for the past couple of months, but Frobe was my idol when I was a kid. Has anybody used both and can give me an honest review?

Kobe >


Kobe with the currys is top 5 cards imho, great defender as well but they snubbed him with no hof def badges, id still cop though

kobe has some of the best animations in the game and is a steal for around 150kmt he is lockdown on defence and can score at will]

hondo is lock down on defence is about 50-70k and is money from 3 but kobe is the better card

Kobe, but I think Havelecik is the better shooter and defender

Thanks guys! I was mainly worried about downgrading on the defensive end, where hondo really shines. Might try to get Frobe with a shoe to help makeup the deep ball shooting difference. He is a better playmaker right?

yes he can run the 1 if need be