DI Bob Pettit: Ratings/Tendencies/Badges (TDIH Ball Drop)

Aimed for same spot, sort of, that I aimed for to get Giannis. In screencap below, it’s where the magnifying glass is, by the “T” in “Tokens.” Dropped while moving left to right. Actually quasi aimed for the pin to upper-right to account for my slow reflexes / lag.

I think I’d sum him up as: Diamond Kevin Love?


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“Zoom in on tokens so i can flex on y’all with all 488 of them”. I’m onto you

i keep asking everywhere but where would you say to drop for wilkins lol? @HarryLundt

They finally gave pettit gold badging ! When he first came out they were all bronze

Top post updated. Look for expanding sections for Ratings, Tendencies, and Badges.

Haha. Ain’t nothing to brag about when they’re the total of tokens I’ve ever had! Not even at Diamond, I don’t think.

Sorry, no idea other than to adjust for where I dropped and “aimed for.” But in my drops, ball veered left to middle before breaking back right.

So, for Nique, prob need different approach, otherwise would hit wall.

I would go just inside of the peg 2nd to the left in the 2nd row, if that makes sense.

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His release makes him much more than a diamond Kevin Love. It’s super quick and fits the meta well, except he’s a bit slow moving. I’ve only used him in TTO, but he also dunks well and blocks a fair amount of shots.

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Historically his release has been similar/same as KD’s right?

I equate to KLove because this Pettit is pretty crap on D and as slow as expected…and from having played SA Love a bit this year…my impression of his shooting stroke is that it’s pretty quick and very smooth. And asset unto itself.


I haven’t used Love a whole lot this year but did use his diamond a fair amount last year, and Petit feels quicker. But I agree with your assessment on defensive and speed deficiencies haha.

I play all the EM, SA, and RU currents in the Challenges because one can use them for free, and I was pleasantly surprised (reminded) by how smooth and fairly quick Love’s shot is. But not my style to play such bad defenders, usually.

Don’t have time to try him out but wondering what Pettit’s fade is like.

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I love Petit with Limitless and Deadeye. I used him so much, and I just recently removed him from the rotation, but if I ever need someone to stretch the floor, he’s my 11th man.

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Is Pettit worth trying over PD Blake in TTO because of his release or should I not bother? Haven’t badged up my Pettit or anything and my Blake is badged with a CP3 shoe

Shouldn’t you be crushing it with Donyell Marshall before writing player reviews who you’re only experience with is watching a ball drop into their slot?

Wait, someone else loves Donyell!?!

Release is quick and smooth. Rapid butter. Yet another historic that’ll launch in a blink.

Post Fade is alright. Not remarkably good or bad. Hook seems very nice.