Destroying pd giaanis

Man played 2 guys with him destroyed both all u need is all star lebron and amy simmions ima lock him myself but if u got lebron u good

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This is great news. So he’s not overpowered?

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Not all all i blocked him with d wade and melo so many times :joy: You jus gotta know how to play really most guys cant use him

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Lol i have a wing rotation of amy mj, diamond pg, diamond jaylen brown and diamond jayson tatum waiting to play against giannis tonight. And im sure my diamond malone can contain him too.

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i got Magic waiting for him. I hope I match up against him at PG

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I’m glad this card isn’t OP Now I don’t have to have it lol

Nah, I think he’s pretty op. People are abusing him and haven’t figured it out yet. Give it time. He’s broken…

Giannis is pretty OP. I wouldn’t go off 1 or 2 games. Ive been watching someone eat with him

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He deffo is op but so is all star lebron u jus gotta use em properly i got kawhi n he dont do much but lebrons always been the go to or melo giannas is good but most these guys cant use him

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never was scared of him my amy kawhi held one i played to 12 on 3/9 from the field and 1/5 from trey ball. most of the time i just sent him to the rack to meet my centers

All of these cards have 99 off and 99 def. So he can definitely be stopped. But he’s deadly

I was actually thinking of selling diamond kwahi cause he dont do much but last game he jus lit it up😂

They just suck

I watched Killamazoi livestream and first possesion he went for the blowby and lost the ball lol

I’m out here beasting fools with this new lineup w/ Coach Pop. They can’t score. It’s hilarious.

Why not run Oscar off the bench instead of Kidd to give him and KAJ the DD boost?

I hate Oscar so much lol…

I don’t have him but I do know he has a slow release which is concerning for some.

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Just locked him up with Durant. The guy wasn’t that bad either


I will confirm myself probably :rofl:

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