Desperation mode

Nothing like 2k coming out with pd after of to try and revive this game. Only continues to show that people have given up on them

2K is running with their shoes tied together, eventually they’re going to trip and fall, and we will all laugh hysterically.

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It’s ridiculous and they deserve every bit of what’s coming to them next year. Lives stepping up and with other games on the rise they know people are leaving because they are tired of their crap.

Us myteam guys got it the worst and people still ty and play it off like it’s fine. Lol we have 1300 less cards than last year. The gameplay has been bugged this entire time. They haven’t listened to the community at all and people still sit there and take it


Nah man it’s actually the opposite everybody eats it up you see everybody pulling like crazy

Packs, players and pulls are like drugs: sure, people quit and they’re fine for a while, but people (not all) eventually come back.

When someone who swore to give up and move on pull a PD in a single pack, they come back into the game and into the system.

The people that swear to quit and never give any money to 2K again are the same people who drop $20-100 every week on packs.

It’s a shitty cycle that people, including myself, are stuck in. Over and over, we think our team is finally good or at it’s peak, but then the next big thing happens and we’re back into the cycle.


That is essentially all they have left tho. Everyone who is casual and doesn’t give in to packs or vc is gone. If we really want to hurt them that 1% who keep spending so much and coming back need to stop. But at the same time if bit by bit, that other 99% start to leave since they are done with the dry content and lack of effort put in by 2k the player base has been diminished and the game is essentially dead at that point.

Which is what I believe will happen since like you said, packs are like crack

I was gonna drop $ for pd dirk but I realized I’m still gonna get hit with an equalizer, 5 out still exists, and too many damn flaws are still in the game. Good thing I didn’t spend any money today probably use that money for a rainy day or watch incredibles 2 with my friends.


Way more productive than spending it on 2K. I like to budget myself, using my money on activities with the family or friends, even taking my girl to the movies (tradition we’ve had for the past 2-ish years) and I’ve found myself more fulfilled.


I’m cool with it. The game is almost over, might as well drop some cards and up the pull rates.