Designing uniforms

how do ppl make custom uniforms with colored leggings/accessories?

mine are white for both away/home but i saw ppl in the tourney with colored leggings

how do you change this?

none of my team colors are set to white

Maybe about team color or something.
Like Primary and Secondary.

I notice this when I’m using old school jerseys


my colors are set to orange navy & light blue

noticed ppl in tourney w pink & neon leggings with their custom unis so must be possible

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I don’t know maybe @Hemmi2k knows :innocent:

If you use a jersey or shorts that have two colors, set the “color 2” option to the color you want your leggings and accessories to be.

That tends to work for me… but you might have to change your look just a bit. Some custom top might only have a splash of orange at the top and might actually give your jersey some added pop and give you the accessory color you’re looking for.

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didn’t work :confused:

It’s team color I think. At least that seems to be the case for me

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somehow they turned blue for me

white isn’t any of my team colors… on design logo right @Hemmi2k

i think if you have two colors your leggings become your primary color


You’re probably right, must be the primary. Glad you are getting some of this figured out.

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Maybe switching those two colors on your home jersey will give you colored home leggings.

There might be enough white as primary color 2 to not be super cheesy colored home uniforms.

Primary team color is the color of your accessories at home and secondary is away

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yeah i’ve experimented with this now and the answer is that your primary color for your jersey will be your legging color

for me, it is primary color for both home & away

Weird haha, just looked at my settings and it’s different for me

2k going to 2k … ill play with this tmro & see what i can come up with

1st is home light blue primary, white secondary
2nd is away navy primary, light blue secondary

short color doesn’t seem to matter



I think it’s based on one of the colors of your sleeve holes or whatever.

I have exactly the same uniforms for home and away so it’s unlikely to be based of something in the jerseys. But I’m not 100% sure, I’ve always assumed it’s primary and secondary colors in the logo :man_shrugging: