Derozan or is tmac worth it?

Ive got a mil to upgrade my 2 is T-Mac that much better than derozan to justify the price difference.

Personlayy Derozan because he is cheaper and they are both the exact same cards

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tactically downgrade to PD Zach Lavine

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low key…Lavine is really nice! IF you are suck on those two cards only I’d go Derozan because of the same reasons @Reborn2k said.

I’d also wait till later today to maybe buy one if you are going to. Maybe 2K will put out a trailer or something on their Twitter for tomorrow’s release that will bring down the market a little.

T Mac slightly better , but no way for this difference in price .
T Mac always over priced as hell


Derozan better value, I tried both to do this xp and I rather get derozan

demar save yourself 350k

T-Mac is better but for the price derozan is the better option unless MT isn’t an issue then get T-Mac

if you are loaded, yes
i have 4 mil mt now and i refuse to spend it on anyone not named giannis/ben which is eligible for PG at this point
there are too many alternatives for wings and there will be more upcoming, they can release random guys like malike sealey that gives you 90% of what tmac/derozan can do for dirt cheap
at leaset i am pretty confident that they wont make pg giannis/ben into free content, they are big money maker in packs

Wait til Friday to see who comes out if kobe drops those cards will be cut in half.

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i havent had derozan yet but Tmac has been amazing. Hes one of the best rebounders on the floor for me, and i usually run a lineup of magic, bird,giannis and kareem.
Overall i think Tmac is worth the extra 200k

derozan can do the job, both the same card.

use the card that you think you’ll enjoy more. i personally like demar cards over tmac in 2k so i bought him. if i like Tmac more, ill buy him instead.

TMac is marginally better yet way more expensive. Only reason to go with him is if you’re a fan of his or have loads of MT.

If you want the absolute best team and don’t care about MT stay with T-Mac
But If you are smart and want the same card and an extra 300k mt go with derozan

So Derozan whos an DM and at lowest price point 240-260k gonna be half that? Gotcha.

Really was talking about Tmac my guy. Derozan and drose will hover around 170k -215k just my guess.

Yea I’ve been watching him for the last hour, hour half. Low has been around 220. I’m trying to see if he hits 200k or below before I cop. But I’m going to bed so will have to wait till morning

Yea they going to be the cheap dm soon as more dm are release. You be able to pick them up around 150 down the road. Ben Simmons dm come out then goodbye to rose price.

:laughing: me too working auction on madden and 2k . 5 million profit on madden and only made 37k on 2k.

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