Dennis Rodman

Rodman with added posterizer, worth it? Defense look insane to guard the 1-5

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him and draymond is a must have!

i hope they are under 15k

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Rodman can definitely work well if you have a 5 who has shooting range.

He also makes sense at least for this Round as a bench defensive specialist to bring in during key defensive possessions.

Will be interesting to see how popular he gets, or not, and how his Salary works out as time goes on. But if Salary goes up to 1000 so that he’s interchangeable in that sense, I’d rather run Amethyst Draymond.

I plan on running Jokic with Rodman at the 4 and 5 and Dray on the bench

That makes sense.

Had 45k MT and opened some packs…

Probably will sell less than that lol.

plz tell me how much The Worm goes for

He’s like 20k on Xbox not too bad

I got Rodman too. No room on my team, but I’ll use him anyways off the bench.

Yo, could you scout some cards for me? Dr. J, Dray, and Tatum

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I’m in a game atm gimme like 15

Dry is usually around 2k off the top of my head


2000 mt

oh my gurd. thats amazingly cheap

How do u guys hide him on offense?
And his size not a disadvantage at the 4?
Never had a Rodman card ever.

my friend, Rodman’s badges are enough with 92s around the board. 6’7" is nothing with those stats and vertical. His dunking is crazy, with the tendencies, add posterizer and you gucci. Diamond Rodman last year was amazing as well

any updates?

I have bill russell who i don’t use a lot anymore, its tough to hide them on offense especially if ur opp just offbals on them the whole time