Demar has tmac release

Or am I tripping, first demar I’ve used this year and it feels like tmac jumper

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no, but it’s similar


Does Demar Have 3 point Plays?

Actually he does has his release


Naw I don’t think so

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Thanks man!

Nope, no 3 point plays.

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Too bad Kobe doesn’t have Trey Burke’s base haha.


Sweet. Even tho he trolled me lol

It’s sad that my lag will take forever for kobe to shoot

Lol I know right, Kobe apparently has one of the best release in the game with one of the worst base in the game

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This makes no sense. Is it all psychological?
I shoot lights out with Kobe Bryant. I won’t miss a shot. I am really good with Demar Derozan, but I struggle shooting with PD TMac. Yet they all have the same release… what the hell is going on?

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If derozan really has the same release as Tmac I might have to check this out

Well Kobe base is his own, Trey Burke base has a quick elevate but Kobe release isn’t quick, it’s normal speed, I watch the feet and the peak of the ball, normally at its highest point, wait a tick, then release, he doesn’t just release when he reaches the top, he holds it for a tick, tmac and demar that is

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Thanks but I’m having trouble with Tmac not really Kobe?

How do u check this ? I wanna check siakams release

I swear tmac is my most consistent shooter.
Kobe’s shot would take me forever to release.
Damn Lag

Home screen, options/features, create roster, official roster, and then scroll thru all the teams on the game and click on one of the players, find edit, go to signatures

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Siakems release is Tim Duncans upper release blended with Patrick Ewing and very slow jk

Lol I was talking about tmac release

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