Defensive settings

I really hope people start to talk about the effect of the defensive settings in unlimited .
They make some sense to exist , special for help and how to guard screens , drive help etc…
But , how the hell a team can play smother on ball defense and off ball all game ? It’s physically impossible , and the worst part is that you don’t have any con to use it !
If you play smother you should be in a postion , that you and the cpu will slide a lot , giving up way more 2s and drain all stamina .
They change the effect of the press like last year but you can still press all game without draining stamina ( and this need to affect too )
Playing smother defense needs to be a strategical plan to use , and not a regular thing to use all game by any player .
They need to lower dunk tendencies and defensive ones too next year
Nothing will happen :joy:


Yup! And don’t forget the super effective defensive strategy in the real NBA of having your players run around the court doing karate chops 200 times per possession to get a steal without any consequences.


My defensive tendency for 2k21 is 100.

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Ye 100%

Smother stopped working months ago. I dont even use that shit anymore. Now cards can just run around you.

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They need to bring back the proper extend pressure and half court trap

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Smother doesn’t work really well anymore. Especially in off ball, players can slip around pressing defenders very easy. Moderate or tight are better options imo.

They can slip everytime since the offense run around 5out , there is a plenty of space and makes some sense to happen .
But smother on ball still works , with this tendo cards it’s almost impossible to put the ball on the floor it’s like playing the bulls every game

A lot of people still using deny for interceptions without looking :rofl:

I get what do you mean , but I don’t like was really overpowered last year . You don’t even need to focus on the balk , just control other players to get lanes , blitz etc
Prevent deep hash but still not organic , and once again punishing the good ba handler

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Thats true it was super OP. Hopefully there is some new settings in 21

People were clipping like curry putting Giannis out of bounds on a press :joy:

Nah you just old Pedro. It takes a lot of skill to watch YT vids on what settings to put so the CPU makes every defensive play for you. Have you ever tried baiting passes? Karate chopping is a skill guys…

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On ball - can’t keep up/ feels like u move in sand
Off ball - your player slides laterally and basically gives them a free lane

I don’t understand how people are having the computer pick me up at half court, I tried extend pressure but I just get hit with trail cheese like 10+ times per game. Unlimited is literally no fun at all. I don’t mind losing, but when I’m losing because my computer players are just helping when I don’t need it or cutting to the basket for no reason, it’s like the fastest way to a broken controller.


With every card so OP right now, not sure any defensive setting can work effectively. And full/half press has been a dud all year.

I am facing a lot of zones lately, though. I guess they don’t like my rim runnin’. Lol.

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No Threes

Your defenders stay in front of the 3 point line.

But you’re obviously at risk to get blown by


So what’s the best defensive settings to go with since smother isn’t all that anymore?

That explains A LOT.

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I’m guessing. I legit just started running smother too.

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