Defensive settings?

quick question for the defensive experts out there. I run pretty good defense in most of my games and I recently just been experimenting with different settings do you guys have drive help off or on ? Say you play against a team of all shooters can you afford to help the drive then ? I usually have help on if there’s one player I can help off of but if it’s all shooters then I have no help I’m just curious on how you guys handle it.

No help on drives i rather give up the 2


When it’s all shooters you gotta send no help, and rely on ya on ball D


Give up the layup for 2 over the 3ball, if you have good defensive centers like Eaton, Dikembe, Chandler, Oden ect. you should be able to contest well enough near the rim

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Agreed your right thanks

Yeah I figured that’s what I do currently lol you gotta be on my point

Yeah it’s key to have some sort of rom protection to atleast contest the shot

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most of the times, when people drive in, it’s not really for an actual chance to score, it’s for a kick out, and EVEN when they have an open lane, they’re so used to kicking it out, that they do

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I typically give up the layup over the 3 this year for sure… just don’t let them get too many inside shots in a row or that momentum will swing hard.

if people dribble towards either wing, Most of the times they’re somehow gonna pass it to the player in the corner, do some stupid dribble moves, and then pass it out to the top of the key

Remember to tab LT or L2 while holding RT or R2. This will alot you to move fast but also keep yourself grounded when defending.

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Do you drain stamina holding r2 though?

Yea but when you locking these people up, they panic and pass the ball to someone else. Mines usually will only go down to about halfway, and if I see it getting close to red I’ll let go but as I said that rarely happens because people panic and pass or throw up a dumb ass shot.

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wouldn’t recommend using R2 a lot, only if you’re trying to beat your defender to a spot

I recommend using more L2 than R2, and force the other player to one side, you’d rather defense one side then have to play catch up and have to defend the other side too

I recommend it because it works for me but the important part to remember is how you use it together with LT

when you’re actually making contact with the player then yes both, but when you’re just waiting on the player to make a move or drive, wouldn’t rly use R2

I get ya. 70% of the time I have RT held down while tapping LT if I’m up against a dribble god. I’ll hold LT if the guy has average stick skills. It’s really all about just knowing ya competition and their tendencies.

Like they said, no help on drive.