Defensive Setting for Fantasy Domination

Anyone have any recommendations?

No settings required. Just offball with your center lol

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Use @JohnnyHimrod defensive scheme too as it’s super effective

For Those Of You Having Trouble With Domination Guides

…Run a switch all defense. Below are some screenshots of settings from facing the all time Thunder that you can use as a guide. [355acc93-6b6b-48ba-afa7-59d2763009ea_Thumbnail][bcc2e68d-ff98-45e4-a2c0-85fe9b9ee195_Thumbnail][ee1d9c53-4f90-4b51-8cb5-fa4b44ac41b5_Thumbnail][92296f33-2fa6-4575-9810-939168e77358_Thumbnail][026de6af-a4c7-4091-bfd6-6973a7bd8d16_Thumbnail][d9905532-c186-40eb-baea-0730e3d6ba9f_Thumbnail][88e135a0-d1bb-4b34-b19b-446c815a2834_Thumbnail] [5e927c0f-83f6-4d42-…

But i treated all guards and wings like shooters and used smother/deny


These tactics help me so much because i was at the point of giving up or getting help to complete.
Also full court press while off-balling is clutch.

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Im struggling to hit open shots on fantasy dom

I’ll use my both hands in f dom. One hand was enough Nba dom. I may use settings in the final 2-3 games of all-time if i don’t drink too much out of boredom.

Trailing 3s are easy after inbound with good shooter.