Defensive Help Fantasy Domination

Any general tips? I thought i was fairly good at the game…and was obviously wrong, i got to fantasy domination and am struggling to stop the quick french man at the point pulling from mid range.

Struggling with hitting open shots but can deal with the offensive side, i just feel like i am suddenly doing something wrong when even the final games of reg dom were easy and now its like my entire game plan is just ineffectivr

Zone defense

2-3 zone. Control the SF & SG. Whichever side of the court the PG is on…off ball the opposite side with the SG or SF to cover the 2 people on the wing & corner.

Thank you, i havent tried zone this year and assumed that as shooting was so over powered this year that zones would be ineffective

What is your lineup like?

Mostly ruby reward cards: scott/mitch/scottie/d green/eaton

Subs: boobie/eddie jones/bol/gilmore

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It looks good defensively. Then I guess try the zone.

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Im just trying this, first three possesions the cpu has fouled three times…do i need to set them to play conservatice?

Allow them to score so that you can inbound the ball faster. After they score sprint forward with your pg and he’ll be open for a wide open 3 guaranteed. I did this method and averaged 60 points with David Wesley and beat all time domination easily.