Defensive Budget Pgs

Looking to replace kyrie with someone more defensively inclined. Most of my scoring is through hedo and Shaq for my starters but kyrie has been relegated to a spot up shooter and I feel someone who plays better defense will serve my team better. Hedo carries the ball up for the most part so getting someone who’s strictly 3-D is the goal.

Doug christie

Jrue if he gets a moments today would be perfect.

He looks like what I want but the shot contest is abysmal do you think that would hold him back vs top tier guys?

I was rocking his ruby for a bit but idk how much I like his shot

ruby eddie jones your best option


Nah if you on ball his length makes up for it. Also gets so many steals

Eddie jones

Rod Strickland

Basically Kyrie with Defense

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too bad that amy Stockton isnt auctionable

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No one mentioned Ruby Gary Payton?

82 three 92 steal great tendencies.


Larry Hughes with pink adidas. Go look at stats he’s a god…close thread. Lol


I was looking at him you know what his price is around?

What they said about Eddie. Or Scottie

You know who im gunna say :wink:

But I already have Hedo bro! :sweat_smile: oh Kyle

Ruby penny hardaway. Nvm u have him on the bench.

He’s my bench PG right now was thinking about starting him and then moving harden to the bench 1 and maybe klay to bench 2 with a new SG starting, wouldn’t know who to get there either yet though.

Whats your budget though?

I have a bunch of shit to sell but I’ll say less than 50k at the moment