[Defense]: My approach to SuperMax

Ladies and gentlemen, let me indulge you with my defensive tips for SuperMax & how stop the ultra 5-out cheesers. For what it’s worth, I win about 80% of my games (in SM); so if your win record is below that, I can likely be of help.

First and foremost, you need to design your team appropriately. If all 5 players on your team can’t shoot the 3, or can’t defend multiple positions, you are at a SERIOUS disadvantage. Ideally, all 5 of your players should be able to consistently nail the wide-open 3 & also defend 4-5 positions (this is why height is so important; especially for Wing players). What this translates to, is that every single person whose not running a full-blown God-squad, should at least have Ruby/Amy PG13/KD and Diamond LBJ. AD, KP, Boogie, etc. are all choice bigs.

Once you’ve done this, place your best perimeter defender on your opponent’s most utilized player (for me, this is without question, my Diamond Kareem). Then, depending on his play style, change your on-ball defense to either moderate or gap. If it’s an elite player that can drive and shoot, do not place your on-ball D on tight or Smother. Because defense is fucking broken this year; you’ll just be giving your opponent easy blow-by animations. I usually start with moderate, and then switch to gap if they’re extremely drive-heavy.

Anyways, from here on out, all you need to do is try and predict when they’re going to drive &/or shoot. The more space there is between the defender and the ball-handler, harder it is to drive past him. Because the online meta is “either wide-open dunk or 3-pointer off the catch”, you have to do everything in your power to prevent this. I’d much rather go against a rain of lightly contested, 35 ft 3s from Diamond T-Mac/PD-Harden, vice wide-open corner 3s from my opponent’s Amy PG13s and PorzinGod’s. Let them try and beat you with badges/stats; not an unguardabke offensive set.

By playing gap defense, you’re forcing them to switch to ISO/hero-ball (“MyPARK”) type shit; while it can be extremely effective (especially with OP Cards that MyTEAM is now chalked full with), it’s still not as effective as a properly executed 5-Out offense (which essentially always guarantees either a dunk or a wide-open 3-pointer, off the pass- receiving the benefit of most players’ Dimer AND Catch and Shoot buffs).

Please, for the love of God, do not play a zone defense. This shit only works (sometimes) against 1-dimensional cheesers. Once you get in the Diamond tier, most of the players you face will be able to expose a zone-defense pretty easily. If every one can shoot the ball, all it takes is 2-3 simple passes, to poke massive holes through the Swiss cheese defense that is 2K’s 3-2 & 2-3 Zone.

If you’re having a hard time stopping the P-N-R/P-N-P or a play that your opponent is spamming every possession, I find that a switch-all defensive set work best (and this is where your lineup composition becomes even more important, as to not give-up glaring mismatches that your opponent can expose). Unless you have an insanely retarded defensive lineup like mine (Diamond Hakeem, Magic, Kareem, MJ, LBJ, PD Garnett, etc.), you’ll still likely give up some mismatches; this is Ok. Forcing your opponent to try and convert over their mismatches, is still far more effective than letting your opponent get the wide-open drive or shot, based on whether you went over or under the screen. A tall perimeter player (Magic, KD, PG13, Giannis, etc.) will be able to adequately contest dominant/huge center’s post moves. Likewise, defensively versatile centers with high lateral quickness, can switch onto guards and defend them no problem (Kareem, Hakeem, KAT, etc. become that much more valuable).

Set your PoEs to “some crash, others run” (what this does is cause only your PF and Centee to crash the glass, while your 3 wing player’s leak-out). You’re basically still going to get just as many rebounds, compared to “crash the glass”, but you’re also going to be in really good position for easy transition buckets from from SG and SF, who you can outlet pass to immediately after the rebound.
Put “play physical” on as well. This leads to more fouls, but also a shit ton more turnovers (& overall “pressure”; which is intangibly invaluable)

My defensive philosophy is as such: "force your opponent to do what they’re not used to, adapt to what they like to spam & start getting more aggressive with your predictions, & then reap the benefits that your properly executed defense nets you. All it takes is for me to clamp the fuck out of someone for 2-3 possessions, go up by 5-6+ point, and then watch then start getting angry/flustered, and forcing terrible full-court passes, while my momentum continues. Defense can turn the tide so quickly & demoralize your opponent. Let this be an integral part of your game.


Respect your effort but i gotta do this, sorry :slight_smile:

My Approach to SM:

Lolz, PD zingis out of your reach?

Yep but i have Pd Oscar, Magic and Jordan in my palm :smiley:
When i add one on another, it’s taller than Zingis :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, I’ve seen you post your lineup before (which is why I figured it must be so aggravating to you, because you basically will have every other "absurdly OP God-Card). You already went balls-deep; it just that 2K forced thisnrelstively shitty game-mode, as the only means of obtaining end-game OP rewards’ cards.

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So you put Kareem on T-macs and Durants?

Yes, because with magic, T-Mac, and Durant, I can put them on my opponents PF. I run Hakeem at the 5 and KAJ at the 4 (both with open 3-point shoes). KAJ’s height + badges + stats (like 90 lateral quickness) make him unparalleled as a defender.

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Is Oscar really that good? I’ve always thought that his animations (in last 2Ks) severely held him back. That’s not the case with his PD this year though?

Nope. Diamond Westbrook, Wade, Cp3, even West is better. He doesn’t fit the idea in your first msg also.

Damn, twas what I thought. Needless to say, you must* have some buyer’s remorse, no (probably the most impressive/expensive card, I’ve ever seen anyone have).

Diamond D-Wade, how does he compare to PD Harden? Is his defense that noticeable?

must* have some serious buyer’s remorse

That’s the nature of MyTeam. Those cards will be useless at some point as we all know. There is no remorse there. I had Pd Barkley in k17.

What i can’t stand is auctionable free pd distribution :slight_smile: without ANY competition.

Haha, I started trying to give for PD Barkley last year, but as soon as that all-star Diamond KP came out, I already knew I would regret spending any more money towards Barkley (and so I had to cut my losses and deal with my sub-par 95 OVR Magic, Ewing, D-Rob, etc. that I had already locked-in).

Diamond Draymond was a cheaper copy of Barkley, i used him more than Barkley i guess.

I hate when they say that dfense is broken, and there is no D this year, etc.

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%90 of those constant pd players are KD at point 5 out guys, playing patiently + some backup 3p point plays.
All they do defensively is the same, half-court / full court press with offball double teams, trying to steal the ball with the offball player they control if you manage to pass or extend pressure for your pg and offball around it.

Defense may not be broken but it has so many exploits like never before. In a game where all top players prefer offball defense, you can’t easily say yeah defense is ok.

In fact, in any basketball game onball defense is not rewarded, defense is broken.

Thats true, prev years it was so much fun to build a lockdown defense team. This year its sweaty but you can still defend.

And thats what you wrote, thats awful. I saw it from all the well known 5outers. The off-ball double team is some real BS.

I constantly play those guys, constantly… sometimes 2 times in row with the same one. Sometimes i beat, sometimes i can’t because defending it needs EXTREME concentration. 1 sec of distraction in each defense, it’s done. What MrMcfinkle tell above is not easy to execute every single time. It gets really boring after a while cuz you have to do the same to keep up.

Your ai defenders are not acting so dumb and open 3s are less successul in superstar+ difficulties. Zone is more effective so raising it would COMPLETELY change the ranking of top 50 guys i’m so damn sure.

Great tips here.

The zone tip is especially correct. I often mix in some zone, but against lineups in the diamond tiers that you point out, a zone will create a very open 3 for a knock down shooter. It is also nearly impossible to contest the secondary break 3s to a wing at the elbow. If your opponent is willing to pass to any open guy and shoot, zone is very tough. Zone can work well in a dead ball half court scenario, but it is death in transition.

And I also agree regarding KAJ. Folks, this is the best defender in the game. I normally play Gap off ball defensive settings with KAJ so he essentially acts like a Free Safety on the defense. The opposing Center will get some looks from 3, but that speed/height recovers appropriately.

Question: Do you globally set onball to Moderate? And what do you set Off-Ball global to? I mess with these all the time.