Defense has been messed up

With the latest patch they made players ultrareactive, I can’t guard anyone. Forget using R2 entirely. Instead, if you use L2, you are just too slow.
I can’t guard anyone anymore, defense became, from my best strenght, my biggest weakness in one day :joy:

Ah, and they reintroduced blow-bys


There’s blow by now?!

Not as unstoppable as last year, but definitely

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Thank fart I don’t take this as seriously as last year lol

Yeah everyone shoots 75% again

Well done, 2k. Once again

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just played an all time domination game and I had no idea why my players were running away from their assignments. makes sense now

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I’m experiencing none of this lol.


Lucky you! I hope tomorrow will only be a bad nightmare for me too haha :smiley:

I haven’t really noticed this too much, or at all really. It does seem dribble moves have more affect than before, but you can still bump them and play intense D. Just gotta keep pushing into them.

The blowby is definitely back. So far I experienced it on a near 2k18 but mostly against non defensive builds.

This is a good thing isn’t it.


I’d expect to blowby a non denfensive player, then being clamped up

My biggest problem is that players are ultrareactive now, I got to readjust my brain, because right now I can’t stay in front of anyone. I was using Sam Pham’s “gears” technique this year, but R2 has become unusable after this last patch, it makes you defend on a fronzen floor :joy:

Well if your card’s LQ is under 80, don’t even touch L2. Tapping rarely only.

Maybe the only reason why the game felt better (no blowby and better defense) was because the cards were shitty. Now that good cards start coming out, they’re as unstoppable as last year. Maybe not much has changed at all. Maybe it’ll end up even worse by the end of the cycle?

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You never know with 2k.
Hope you’re wrong…
but fact is that Sapphire Giannis rule at PG again after last patch.

Very likely is my own fault, as I pretty much suck at the game, but I noticed a clear change, especially in the responsiveness of the players.