Defending the Cheese

how you guys manage when u play a GO or PD Giannis full court pressing on one end and iso 5 out zig zagging for screen on the other?

not a real answer but I dashboard and hope for a less sweaty opponent. Life is too short to face this playstyle.

If I do play I am giving the same strategy right back to my opponent. Usually it doesn’t work but it is very satisfying to out-cheese a cheeser.


I just on ball defend Giannis the best I can and have my d settings to where he can’t get easy threes from the pick and pop or from Giannis himself. I also try to steal the ball, but even when people are dribbling right in front of elite defenders with Giannis his absurd player model doesn’t allow for many steals.

Then I stay with him and even if you do remain in good position 9/10 if you force a contested miss it’s a foul with Giannis.

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You could probably take that same recommendation and switch off of the on ball defender once you clear the screen and see better results.

I just want to beat people using on ball D so I own their 2K soul.

These are the easy to predict hard to defend people. For giannis, I simply switch to offball right before they hit me with the cross. Usually 3 feet or so outside the 3 point line. This cuts that off. As for screens, it’s a matter of luck more often then not. A thing that does help us dropping back right before the screen comes. The screen tracks the defender, so this gives you space to get through most of the time.

You ever run into a game when the dude is pulling up like Curry and hitting everything when you are trying to fight through the screen?

I hate the fact that you know the dumbass front cross is coming and you perfectly time the steal attempt, but Giannis has a force field around him. Would be a perfect steal against any other player.

Are people able to shoot threes off the dribble with Giannis well? I.e. running off a screen and shooting without stopping to get totally set…but wide open?

go giannis not pd giannis

pd giannis can consistently hit moving mids

Ugh. A Giannis hitting moving threes is just Too Much.

No they can…you just have to let go of the stick for a split second and it becomes a set open shot.

My opponent probably hit like five basically off dribble threes against me before I had to respect it the other day.

95 off dribble 3 & hof difficult shots lul

off dribble/moving 3 = not set — if they stop for a split second & set it isn’t off dribble

Right but you can basically do a moving three if you pause for a split second is what I’m saying.

You have to pick Giannis up full court and make him pass. If he gets any sort of momentum it’s a GG

I put Wilt on him and run half court press. Not much more I can do at that point. He still makes a decent amount of shots but a couple of misses and turnovers is all it takes if you run an efficient offense. Also 3>2 which Melo/Larry and Durant can do with ease

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That’s why this guy I was playing yesterday would protect the ball at half court in the corner until his double screen was set so he could gain as much speed as possible toward the rim.

Did you force him baseline?