Defending PD LeBron and PD Pippen

For those of us who WON’T get these nice cards. How we gonna slow them down when we inevitably run up against them? Who are some good matchups or lineup scenarios?


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Giannis, AK. Pippen im not worried about. That lebron tho looks crazy

Can 98 Magic body up LBJ?

Leonard will clamp Lebron at the point ,
Scottie have a slow release easy to contest you can gave him space if he drive you have space to defend if he shot it’s easy to close out

Russian clampgod is always the answer.

Magic, PD PG13, Kawhi also.

I’m actually planning on selling Giannis to get Bron.

No need to worry about defending LeBron when you have LeBron


Buy people with HOF DStopper to take away badges is usually my first preference.

I am about to pick up Kawhi’s Diamond Meaning my lineup will be.

PD Erving (HOF DStopper)
D Kawhi ( HOF D stopper)
D Pippen (HOF D Stopper)
D Josh Smith (HOF D Stopper)
PD Olajuwon (HOF D Stopper)

Switch All Scheme and you’re more than likely blessed.

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Any of them are game changers , only Pippen for off ballers against people that try to spam 3 , you can drop spin and drop step him all day

I just put my giannis up

Except you will probably need to sell 2 Giannis’s to get LBJ lol


I dunno, I think Bron settles around 500k.

I have 640k ATM, 700k if I really wanted to, but I mainly play TTO and Kobe/Kuz/AD get the nods there, so no need to hold TOO Many big names

I’d say a 150k gap to make up the difference from Giannis to Bron is what I expect

I like that squad and would love to run it myself but I can’t help but feel like it’s missing one elite go-to scoring option… they can all score of course but none are god-tier offensively

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I’m gonna go


DrJ off the bench


When you are playing legitimate basketball, anyone can be an option.

Find a system and work with it.

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Pause game
Go to substitution screen
Wait for the magic to happen
Congrats you just locked up pippen and lebron

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That new Kawhi is 2K’s life line for y’all

Pippen also have very bad dribble animations… if someone killed you with Pippen it’s because you left him open the whole game.