Defending dropsteps

How sway? My opponents always get around me and I have Duncan at center. Even when I anticipate the direction, nothing. Any tips?

That’s the beauty of the drop step…its unguardable. Be glad hardly anyone uses it.

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And when they do, it’s a gg

Yea it is pretty much random as far as I can tell people with higher strength and post ratings get bullied all the time by weaker centers

Drop step is why shaq is the most unstoppable center in the game huge body with power dunks is game over

If you know that your opponent is going to do the drop step it’s guardable if you have a good defender. It only seems unguardable because most 2K players don’t know how to guard the post

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when they about to shoot just spam x(steal)

Please explain. I’m interested

Like the best way to guard the post would be to backup a bit to get out the posting animation and while the opponent is preparing to do the drop step then you would go back to them and defend them but attempting steals in that situation helps to


drop step and miss the open layup haha loving it


Ahh yes I know bout this but this only works if you have room to back up. If they have already pushed you under the basket you cannot backup unless you want to give them a free bucket

Yeah beggins got it

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That would be the situation where you would reach and try to still maybe even foul