Defenders Leaving Corners - Any Guaranteed Fixes?

This one dumb move by your teammate AI costs more points than any other mishap they do.

I try

  • stay home
  • turn help to zero
  • assign player tight

Nothing takes. Anybody found a good way besides manually switching? Sometimes I get caught up guarding man on man and then my AI is hovering near the paint for no reason and they give up open corners.

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I tried throwing my controller at the TV as hard as I could. It didn’t work.


Deny ball on the corner shooters.


I’m wondering if there’s a fix too. In addition to those I’ve also tried ‘no threes’, ‘four corners’, among others. Nothing. I’ve raged so much playing HOF Dom. Until we get a fix it’s a whole bunch of deep breathes. I’m convinced 2k just trying to keep the bots in the game. I can never get them to leave me that open…

I feel a little better knowing I’m not the only one getting shafted.

Misery loves company and all that.

The only “guaranteed” fix that I have heard about is to skip the offline and online game modes and:

  1. Spend time enjoying the soundtrack on the home screen.

  2. Looking daily at the objectives that you do not plan to complete, and

  3. Perusing the AH to find good prices for cards that you cannot afford to obtain.

I am going to try this out tomorrow and will report back how it goes…


Fixed this one for you


Nothing works. The game is fucking garbage. Just a bail out, casual, 2k assisted nightmare.

Fix the bugs please.

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