Def settings vs no def settings

Do You use def settings or no in myteam unlimited???

I never set anything but directional settings and man to man on ball unless pic and roll (no threes, auto trans or wall up, crash boards, and shrink floor sometimes)

if I’m getting rocked switch 2-3 zone or or half court press or trap if in trouble with (four corners tight play physical, occasionally shrink floor or protect Perimeter)

Recently stumbled upon tydebo’s channel after hearing about him from @anon58151219.

He has some great stuff, but for someone that plays onball 95-100% of the time, those defensive settings he uses will get you sliced and diced if you are a guy that works the sticks hardcore on defense.

Obviously, his way or playing is way more op and if done right is better than onballing at least it seems that way competitively each year in 2K.

But I can not for the life of me figure out, how to stop anyone in transition if I don’t intercept the ball.

It’s like, when my opponent is dribbling the ball toward the basket, and I click on someone they are magnetized in the direction the ball handler is in, not the direction he is going, so damn near every play ends in a dunk.

I don’t know that I should play that way, “OFFBALL” but just want to understand it a little better, cuz if I can understand how they do it, I can figure out how to easily beat it.

Plus my son, plays that way, and I can really zone out and beat him, but if I’m just playing casually vs him, I have no chance. Like he wins 4/5 games when we just playing on new content days.

I’ve tried the onball and offball with these settings and I can’t for the life of me onball with These settings or really any.

Is it just me, or do Most people with settings on defense offball 70% of the time, and say they onball 70%?? but I know that ain’t true, setting are for offballers mostly.

I tried onballing with these settings and it’s a blow by everytime.

Be sure and sub to tydebo’s channel he has put out some good content in a short time on youtube.

Even though I can’t for the life of me figure it out! Tydebo def settings video.

I tried em and they were not that great tbh… I got blown by a shit load. My players are just always acting super dumb no matter what settings are on

I feel the same way, I don’t know how to switch with settings on.

Do you know how to stop pick and fade spamming by any chance? Do you have to change stay attached to yes?

These settings always doing my head in, the AI pisses me off

I used to but the dumbass ai always does whatever it wants so I don’t bother anymore. It’s more effective to switch off when you see someone drive and cover the corner manually.

I don’t use defensive settings. Just “stay home” in the d pad menu then manually switch around on defense. I probably user at least 4 players every defensive possession.

I don’t feel like it makes a difference

So painful. All mtu is now is 5 out pick and fades. No fun.

Go over on screens is a must.

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Every myteam ends up being like this around this time of year. When all 5 players can EASILY green a wide open 3 and the ball handler additionally can attack the basket, your defenders have to play perfect man defense & stay in front of their man or else it’s game over.

Those ‘TyDebo’ settings are OP if you play comp defense.

If you insist on on-balling in 2K20 it is way too easy to exploit. It’s been said ad-nauseum this year but you need to switch on and off ball to be successful.

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I use defensive settings every game. Even vs casuals. Sometimes before tip. Sometimes I let the game play a bit to see what they want to do.

But eventually I’m pausing the game and putting in my settings and then my guys will start vacumming all your passes the rest of the game.


I always set tight/tight over/over and that’s about it.

I just switch onto the center when I see it coming and then switch back.

I switch if necessary but don’t have to do near as much switching when I’m just onballing with no settings and adaptive coaching engine on.

Everytime I turn the adaptive off I get slaughtered.

I’ve went 12-0 every month, but September.

I didn’t even play unlimited then, but got bird in October.

Just trying new things since I don’t really think my team could get any better.

I mean it can and will, but I got like 15-20 opals already haha