Def leader and floor general

Hey all I can’t find a specific list of what attributes are increased by floor general and def leader. Working on shoes and coaches for the new squad and don’t want to waste slots.

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tbh I don’t believe they work. I know ppl swear by it but I’ve seen too much broken shit in 2k


Great question so people dont waste shoes

Yeah, also doubt they work. Only way to test it would be some semi-complicated tests on low level Opals or PDs to see takeover changes. And I haven’t the patience for that.

Just add it to the shady realm of 2K. And no, they will not cherry pick that question for one of their enthusiastic community interactions

Would u be able to check after tip off and see if any stats are boosted besides coach and shoes?

I did and nothing

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park guys say it works but idk what they can see as far as stats

Interesting, I noticed 2k has stopped alot of players having hof defensive leader lately and don’t know if there is a reason for it. When u see something happening like that, u think 2k is up to something lol

I didn’t really notice that

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It works to some extent. KP can speed boost with shoe and FG, so there’s that. I’ve seen it show up numerically once with some streamer, but I can’t recall which menu they were in specifically.

I know it works for ball handle not sure about anything else though

Sub this channel, highly recommend.
Very interesting for park players. But for any other game mode as well.
IMHO even better than 2klabs
Short videos, sometimes with split screens and so on