Deep Range Dead Eye if you only take open 3’s?

Is there a purpose for it if you only take open threes? I personally can’t tell the difference if I use a ruby in TTO that doesn’t have it…even Manute Bol…since I only take open threes.

Am I missing something? Why do you use DRD if it’s not pre badged?

No one playing this game takes “only open 3’s” it may initially start out that way but your going to deal with late contests at least 30 % of the time . DRD is clutch

Badge is good for those shots that show as lightly/heavily contested. Say you thought it looked like an open 3 after a play, but the guy closed out faster than you thought. The badge will severely lower the effect of the closeout so you can still let it fly rather than do pass out of a jumpsot animation which often leads to a turonover

Literally every three I take says open on the shot feedback. Does DRD make threes show as open that wouldn’t have been otherwise?

I miss 99 percent of the time if it’s even lightly contested…which rarely happens. I usually take a shot clock violation or force a mid range shot or layup if I can’t find an open shot.

No as far as I know it doesn’t do that , but damn if your really taking what seems to be 100% open shots , you have no need for this badge Mr. Marksmen :sunglasses:

I said only open threes. I am forced to take contested layups or mid range shots. I just don’t take the three unless it’s clearly open.

Idk I get alot of contested threes to fall with people like Steph, Finley, Manu, KD and I see that badge activate alot

Yeah well the badge will trigger on long middys so it would be useful for that for sure