I was gonna go for opal Blake but considering idk how I feel about his shot or even know what his stats will look like I’m debating locking in for Oscar. I have a mainly reward squad with PD Jr and Opal Worthy but won’t have the funds to get blake especially considering the next 2 cards are gonna be really expensive. So my options are to either sell everyone and work my way slowly towards giannis and probably won’t get him till very late in the cycle. Or wait to see opal Blake’s stats before selling everyone off or selling and go for PD Oscar

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Pick who you have more fun with!

Opals get freaking equalized

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Don’t lock oscar, his stats don’t matter. Height and release will keep him from ever being worth that much

Stats can’t get much better than they are already. Also he can speedboost after making a few shots and a ball control shoe, so it’s not much of a bonus.

His release is cheddar now?

It is?

Yup release is better

Opal blake will be one of the best cards in the game, the pd is my favorite card all year and somehow is one of the best three point shooters I have ever used. Sadly the opal will be well out of my price range, but if I could sell everyone on my team to get him, I would.

Damn I didn’t know they changed the release

Yup it’s faster, maybe PD Gary Payton speed

In my case I have 500k and have 3 of the PDs and still need Shaq and the last 2. These next 2 are gonna be ridiculously expensive and I don’t even know how I’d get the my to afford opal Blake

Simple. Do you think we will get a PD zingis? I do. Will he cost 4mil plus? No.

If u gonna spend 1m+ and don’t use Melo and Pete (at least for a while). Don’t. 1m= KD and Bird roughly.

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Yo Broly post ur current team will make it easier to assess your current situation

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You know how to reach my heart that’s a good point PD KP would be disgusting

If this game is going the same direction as last year, then Oscar won’t be end game

Ignore the cheese kind of have to due to the way others play but mostly reward cards except the 3 20th cards

i don’t think locking for pd oscar is too horrible if you can get melo for low 400s

just remember in a month you’ve locked ~100$ worth of mt for one or two cards at best that you could be using to upgrade your team with the new cards that you’ll want more than these cards

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after seeing your team i don’t think you should do it — these are marginal upgrades & it’s better to have liquidity with your mt


By that you mean not locking either in?