Decent players who haven’t got a great card yet?

There are a few good retired players that haven’t got their deserved Diamond/Pink Diamond (not GO MJ or Lebron type of card) and are within expectation for a better version for sure:

Jerry West
Dennis Rodman
David Robinson
David Thompson
Nate Archibald
Jokim Noah

Dave Cowens
Elvin Hayes
Jack Sikma
Kevin Mchale
Tayshaun prince
Glen Rice
Robert Parish
Al Jefferson
Shannon Brown
Ron Artest
Roy Hibbert

They might be put into throwback playoff moments imo.

Love to hear suggestions and reminders of anyone I forgot!

Dave Cowens, Elvin Hayes, Jack Sikma, and Kevin Mchale.

Pascal Siakam


Ah thanks for reminding Mchale. He’s a good one to look out to.

Michael Jordan

Was more of trying to think abt non-active historic players, but Siakam will get a better playoff one for sure

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Tayshaun Prince

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I think the next MJ is probably gonna be GO…


Hopefully 2k still has copyright access to him

Obviously I was fucking around but that speed and strength was insulting

Walt Bellamy

No shit lol. I sold him after 1 game back when MJ pack was out, pure disrespect

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Interesting. Didn’t know anything abt this player, looks decent in wikipedia

Bojan Bogdanovic from the Pacers has only a gold card. That’s super ridiculous. And I’m not even a Pacers fan or a Bogdanovic fan!! I just like good basketball and noticed that without waiting for a Bogdanovic card.

Still no great Glen Rice or vintage Dirk card so far.


GLEN RICE. Wheres this mans card


Garnett only has a twolves sapphire


Kukoc doesn’t have a bulls card, does he?

Yeah but since we know he’s in the anniversary set to come, I didnt include him in the list, plus I think this KG is the Celtic version. Looks like a Wolves KG for GO

Mark Aguirre

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