Dec 1, 2019 Game Day topic


Luka & Porzingod better show up today

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Clippers better not lose to the Wizards whom Lakers just blew out.

Shai better do good today

There’s no way they will lose, the wiz suck

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Lakers by 12

Luka’s defence at their last match was terrifying

Yeah Luka isn’t good defensively yet. I’m surprised scouts didn’t notice that before he came in the league. He’s a bottom tier NBA defender, but top 5 offensively.

He’s one of the worse defenders in the entire NBA.

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Yeah Bron had his best game of the year vs them 39-12-16 but that was mainly on Hardaway Jr and DFS.

“Better do well”

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He’s a bad defender, but not bottom tier.

He has plenty of strength and size to contest people on drives. And he’s obviously a great rebounder.
Also boxes out well.
It’s fairly easy to hide him.
Bottom tier defenders are almost exclusively unathletic guards who can’t contest anyone.
And bigs who’re extremely slow and can’t guard pnr at all.

Btw, defense can always improve, even at an older age if you have the size.
I’ve watched some Jazz games this season and Bogdanovic looks like a pretty decent defender. Not a great one, but still.
And he was a traffic cone for years. Made great improvements in his late 20s.

Debating whether to go to this raps jazz game or not … Lol

Why not? Do you got tickets?

No tickets

Debating on buying and going with the lady

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LeBron and AD first team all defense this year so far. Let’s go.

Seems like a good game to go to. Do you know if Lowry is playing today?

No Lowry. Ibaka is back

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Thanks needed to know if I should play him in fantasy

Old ass LBJ jumping on the floor for loose balls, calling out his teammates 10 years younger than him for not getting forward fast enough.

Love to see it.

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