[Debate] Is Evo really worth it?

Card evolution is one of the biggest new features in MyTeam this year, and it started as a good idea. People who were grinding were actually rewarded with something money couldn’t buy.

Yes, it’s cool.

But let’s be honest 1 second. Is it really worth it ?

The Evo requirements for diamonds and higher tier players are very very very long to evolve. If they were extremly good once evolved, there would be no problem, but there is a problem. And we all know what it is

In 2-3 months, not even at the end of the year, just 2 months, all evo reward cards will get out played by cards in packs. McAdoo, Stackhouse, IT, even Jason Richardson, they will become obsolete around Christmas, just like Stockton murdered every PD point guard token reward.

I personally stopped evolving, it’s a waste of time because we all know that 2K is gonna 2K. Last year, around Christmas we got PD Magic, Giannis and MJ. Can you imagine what we are going to have this year ?


It worth it for the time being and if the card acually good.

Its not a waste of time if youre doing it for the correct players.

I dont think J rich is worth the grind of Stachouse, mcadoo and Jrich himself

I do think Jamal Crawford is worth it 100000% and same with ibaka


Honestly this is exactly what I thought when I read about this feature for the first time… this was their plan all along imo. Make people impatient , so they cave and buy packs.


Maybe they are I didn’t reached their level yet, but 2K will release better players in packs before the majority of people get these players. We all hope this year will be different but it’s only getting worse

Depends on each person’s circumstance.

It’s a waste of time of you can’t do it quick enough for the guy to be used a long time.

I only evolved Amy Sura and Mo Pete. Might finish up KG to Amy while hes still useable. But yeah Im not wasting my time unless he will be in my line up for a while.

However it is good for budget ballers and/or people who want to evo and flip for MT.


I feel that if you don’t want to spend money on packs its good to do. I honestly pick up every evo card in each pack just since it is so difficult to play online.

Yeah this works for people with shitload of time on their hands.


I’d sat for 90% of the cards it is not worth it since the requirements for any long-term cards like Diamonds and PD’s are 3K points etc.

My conspiracy theory is they gave us these evo’s and offline content to distract us from the fact that the servers and online are so trash!!


I evolved Wade and obviously my starter Rose, and they helped me beat Dom, I’ve found every other Evo card to be mostly a waste to evolve. That J-Rich is so obviously not worth it considering how much you need to grind to get him. Huge L.


It’s definitely worth it for the auctionable ones. Selling sprewell back as a diamond was a nice MT profit for the time spent. Plus you can buy him as an amy and grind a bit for 25k+ profit

For auctionable cards it’s worth it right now in the cycle if you can say go from Emerald to Amy like Marbury. It’s a great cheap card that has alot of value as resell.

For non auctionable cards its much more dependent card to card

It definitely gives me more incentive to grind offline modes to get tokens and stuff and at the same time make my players better. Maybe I’m just simple like that haha


I think it’s worth it to make a profit… if you have a legit easy way to grind these guys up to where you can make a huge profit then yes, but as far as right now the other cards are meh, they will release evo cards that will go to pd soon most likely and everyone will have a loaded team in November… and we will read so many posts about how op players are

My take.

If you are a homeless baller like me: yes.

If you spend to buy VC: no.

I bought all my cards for free or somewhat free like (2K MT) and EVOed them into Amy’s and Rubies. Also I made a lot of MT buying basic Spree and Starbury and selling after fully evolved.
If you buy VC, absolutely not. Non evolvable cards will be better and ready to use.


In my opinion, Evo players would be worth it if they had a realistic set of requirements. With the current requirements i find that they are not worth the grind time

I like it. I’m a completionist with video games, and I also NMS, so I get decent players for free, and can sell them for decent MT to stack.

I’ve flipped Darryl Armstrong multiple times for profit

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As long as you’re finishing up domination or grinding ttoffline at the same time it’s definitely worth doing. But replaying regular dom on rookie is a huge waste of time.


If Giannis had an EVO it’d be worth it.

These others? They won’t sniff rosters in a month.

If you play constantly every day and want to save money you might as well EVO because you’re spending so much time in the game anyways. For people without all that time, it’s pretty pointless.


If you play like 5+ hours a day it could be worth it. But if you’re like me who’s playing like 1-2 hours a day it’s not worth it because by the time I evo someone to diamond they’ll be useless.