Dear 2K, Goodbye

A message from @DRHM100,

Goodbye 2K, you ruined basketball games for me this year.

I may come back a little to play, and I’ll still use 2KGamer, but my time likely will be spent on other games and well practicing my guitar playing to get better.

I don’t play Unlimited because the sweatfest, the new glitch and the constant other BS in the game as a whole just makes me want to do this. I’ve had enough of this year and even if I buy next year, I likely will play here and there.

I suggest 2K, not for just me but others, to start listening all year and not just at the end to make the experience worth it for fans, and PLEASE update these god awful servers. Since at least 2K13 or 14 I remember them being horrible. With all the money you guys make how is it possible that gameplay and servers just get worse potentially? But money talks eh?Especially when you make so much a year that you constantly get greedier and expect us to not get mad. Like what’s with these VC Only packs? Yeah, some things I liked on this years game but screw 2K.

PS , I’ll be back by tomorrow LMAO not likely.

Sincerely yours Ronald,Robbie and the others who make this experience horrible with the constant problems with this game that are never listened to,


Not saying all my name of course


im gonna miss ur takes man. have fun not playing this i dont blame u

2K Spies on this forum:

Shit, now we really gotta drop the token rewards today.


Oh I’ll still be active on 2KGamer, but I haven’t played 2K much lately.

Honestly I couldn’t care what 2K wanted to say to me if they seen this.

The games just gone to crap these past few years and its unplayable for me. I’ll likely be hype to buy the next one possibly but I doubt that I’ll be playing. Unless they drop a token update I MAY play but even then I still likely won’t. I hardly ever play anymore and started playing COD again with my friends and enjoying that way too much more again

Ahh shit here we go again


Jk @element lol.

If we get a Paul Pierce finally then I’ll be happy , well for you I will be.

Honestly I only really enjoy buying packs on 2k lmao and even then im kinda like f this

Lol. I won’t be playing much though . I rarely have been in a few weeks actually. Like 2-3 games of tt offline is all lol

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I’ve been away for almost a year. This is the negative side of this sweet forum, it pulls you back to graveyard because actually you miss the :goat: forum.

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Try unlimited, way better than that corny tto shit.


Lemme know if you need someone to baby sit your mt



that mtu glitch is gamebreaking…i dont blame u

no other gaming company would leave a game breaking glitch in the game for this long


The glitch is definitely the worst thing about this game. I hate that it hasn’t been patched.


The fact that the MTU glitch hasn’t been fixed is just disgusting. They haven’t even acknowledged it, right (other than banning some people)? Meanwhile they just keep releasing packs.


Honestly I don’t care about 2k I just pay to have fun, I used to stress about building an ultimate god squad in past 2ks

I don’t care this year, it is what it is!

This is a game after all!!!

Enjoy life

This game isn’t life

Get a beer , get some ass, enjoy life , whatever will make you happy in the bigger picture!!!


@DRHM100 you still playing teamup with us?

I’ll help dw