DBG Locker Code

Lads lads lads. Our boy @anon58151219 has finally got the recognition from 2k he deserves.


We’re out here with LOCKER CODEs

I’m actually very happy for @anon58151219 well deserved

2k better flood us with locker codes today for the 4th

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I’m preparing to be flooded with bronzes haha

Should have been a Diamond Batum, Amethyst Dean Wade, tokens locker code


That would’ve been so funny :joy:

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Ooh a gold player, nice.

Lads lads this locker code is a cone. Haha.

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Sapphire LaMarcus Aldridge

My prayers have been answered

Dgb L E A N E R ! ! !

Diamond Shareef Abdur-Rahim better than a bronze shoe

I’ll end up pulling some “cone” with this code lol!

Hedo wit tha chrail chree


So anyway yeah that’s pretty much it for locker codes… Please like, comment, and subscribe @anon58151219

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God damn. I better not see any DBG slander from you lol.

no, I’m not a hater

lol, has to be for a free Dean Wade or Batum:)

Is Dbg that ‘comp’ player who lowers his overall to get POTM?