David robinson or greg oden?

I currently have greg oden because I used to believe that only tiers matter which is why I didn’t get d rob until now but after looking at his stats, do u guys agree with me that I should sell oden for drob? Also, in comparison to oden, do his lower stats in rebounding, speed and block and also his lower amount of hof badges matter that much?
What are the two going for on xbox?

Run Drob as a 4 and Oden at the 5

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Hm its pretty close for me and while oden is marginally better in the things you listed drobs jumper is just so smooth I perfer him

@thatdrewkid I don’t like running players out of position

@ImPartEvil yeah but what i’m asking is do the less hof badges, lower speed block and rebounding matter that much? Are they that noticeable? And would u say drob is 100% better than oden not even a debate?

Who’s your bench center?

I think DRob is better. He is taller and is smooth moving with the ball like AD. I wish he had HOF Hustle Rebounder. I just put gold box out and rebounding shoes on him.

If you run a defensive coach use Drob.
If you run mike d antoni use Oden.

@daruler022 bill russel but i’m not selling him because his stats are elite

@Cody_Bryant i’ll probably put a 3 point shoe on him. So is the rebounding a big deal? What about the speed and block, does that matter that much?

My humble opinion he doesn’t need the three point shoe unless taking threes with him is going to be the focal point of your offense, but even then. If you hit the meter right it’s green.

I don’t know if the rebound shoe is necessary…puts him at 99 box, 96/97 rebounding with coach.

Side question…is Big Z an afterthought compared to Sabine’s due to the 20 point speed/accept difference along with the HOF Dimer? There is no way Sabonis can have a better shot animation because Big Z’s is amazing.
I think I’m gonna stick one of them at the end of my bench for the Manute Bol and Yao games.

I would recommend Bill at the 4 and either Oden, or Admiral at the 5, but you said that you don’t like to run players out of position. 6’9" really makes him a better 4 though. Guys like Sabonis can shoot lightly contested shots over him. Sad but it’s 2K.

@daruler022 who do u think is better tho? Drob or oden? Have u tried either?

@Cody_Bryant so are u saying that in ur opinion he’s 100% better than oden?

Are the less hof badges, lower rebounding, speed and block a big deal and noticeable? Or are they no big deal and manageable?

Imo players play better with different players. Who’s good for me may not be for you. I have used Oden and have the Admiral. Oden is really good and has more HoF badges, but that doesn’t make him 100% better. Play 10 games with each and check the stats of both cards after and see who you performed best with and make your decision from there. That’s what I usually do when I can’t decide in between two similar equal cards.

@daruler022 ik but I still want to know: who do u think is better
And also if the less hof badges, lower block speed and rebounding was a big deal and a problem? Or was it manageable and not such a big deal?

HoF badges definitely matter, but I’ve seen ruby cards out play PD and GO so many times. I think that they’re both equally good. Depends on your preference and who plays best for you in the end. Both have ass post animations to be honest.

Oden is a monster. Drob has a quick release but i think odens shot is money as well. Id take Oden here he starts for me

I think he is better. I have them both and start DRob with Bill R off the bench. He just plays like Towns/AD in my opinion. Doesn’t feel stiff. He even has a solid full court front cross. I have no concerns about his game at all. He is also an inch taller than Oden.

I’ve got the answer for you and it is drob. I spent all my mt locking in the hof set and didn’t even think drob and bill were gonna be good but i am telling you bill at pf cause he is and undersized center and drob at center is amazing. Drobs rebounding is definitely not amazing but bill covers that at pf. Also, drob with a 3pt shoe, dantoni and limitless. I’ve tried oden and i have Ralph Sampson and drob is the best by far. In my lineup i have magic tmac go Malone bill and drob and drob or tmac have the most points every game. Lastly, drob is just a scoring beast with good d. Amazing hook animation and fade away. Great speed so i always get a few 3s and a few easy slams after a defensive stop. TRUST ME drob is amazing.

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