David Robinson jumper

what base is it and who else has it

I believe his release is signature


just looking for other players with the same jumper

Cowen’s jumper is about the same

He’s got a high quick lefty shot, not quite base 11… no other lefties have a release like his I think, but opal Mchale, Garnett, and J.R. have similar speeds and release points

It’s signature, so nice…

Top 5 release in the game easily for me.

GO Garnett is kinda similar… but not quite.

Beautiful Jumper :innocent:

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Boogie imo

D robs release is so high though.

Boogies speed is similar but not quite the same shot.

Bongas shot seems similar

Robinson signature and base 22 is the same as far as I know. Mullin and butler is base 22 as far as I know. For bigs, maybe Porter j comes close to the speed and jumper of Robinson

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Im about to try out butlers release. i got enough tokens for him too

I grabbed his opal last night for the first time, and I can’t believe it took me this long. I think he’s my new bench C.