Dave Bing?

Why is nobody giving Bing any love. I packed him Friday & only have used him 5-6 times but he’s solid. Defends well, runs the offense good, can shoot decent, with a fast release, can dunk, oh yeah & he’s fast af too

40k to sell no thanks he plays better than that.:upside_down_face:

Hes my favorite so far in this game.


I’m liking Melo & KD quite a bit more, but dude is solid on both ends, he can ball.

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Bing is lit. The speed is lethal

He’s solid, but I think there are just too many better options. I packed him 3x in a 20 and a 10 box last weekend, so I held on to one to see how he played. I usually run Pistol Pete as my starting PG, but I was looking for a PG to lead my second unit instead of Westbrook, so I tried Bing out in Unlimited and some Domination.

Bing was just kind of invisible. He hit a few shots, but that second five just never really jelled under him, and he certainly isn’t capable of taking a game over. I also didn’t like his dribbling animations compared to Pistol.

As far as I’m concerned, the 40K MT is worth far more to me than an unspectacular PG.

As an aside: Anybody looking for a PG should give Maravich a hard look. His dribbling animations are AMAZING, his open court behind the back dribble is so fast and covers so much ground it’s almost unfair in TTO. His layups are also just superb - Rim protection is back this year, and Pistol has all these Curry-like floater layups and other crazy animations where he rarely gets blocked or misses. Put a 3 point shoe on him with Dantoni as your coach and go buckwild.

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I just picked him up and put a steal shoe on him giving him a 95 steal

That what I did. He has steal and speed with ball boost for me

I’ve looked at Pistol, but his defense is a kinda suspect. I don’t really need a scorer at PG any way just to distribute.

I have him but i run chris scott at the 1 instead, would it be better to switch to bing?

I haven’t tried Scott yet, I picked Melo, Peja, Lewis, & Camby so far. Heard he’s a Penny clone but shorter.

His defense is better than you’d think, and he comes with gold dimer. But I wouldn’t push any card on anybody if they don’t think it’s a good fit for them.

I use him as a distributor and he dunks like crasy with a bit of a slow 3pt. He is very similar to penny but that doesnt fit this year as much as last year lol. But the bing hype has me intrigued, its a big deal for me to switch a poing guard

He looks nice, but he’s also 60k. Bing also came w/ 15 golds from the jump.

His release is pretty fast almost Curry fast.

Is that good ir bad cuz i hate melos shot lol

:man_shrugging: I guess it’s bad then.

I can time currys shot well but melo is hit and miss with me. Still run him but i rather throw out to kd for the shot lol

Yeah, he’s out of packs now so the price has crept up.

Melo is tricky but I agree on KD. He’s a green bean machine.

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True, I just got rid of Gay for a 2 week rental plus gained 20k🤑